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Chrabeli (or "What Do I Do With My Springerle Dough Scraps?")

Posted by Hilde Weiss on

What to do with those springerle dough scraps? My grandmother taught me to never waste anything, and cookie dough was no exception. But re-rolling springerle dough more than twice leads to dry, floury cookies. After my second re-roll, I make these. My daughter calls them "Little Bear Paws". The traditional Swiss name is "Chrabeli". By any name, they are delicious. And your grandmother will approve.

1.  Roll the dough scraps by hand into a long rope as thick as your finger.
2.  Cut the rope into pieces (like little logs) about 5 cm long.
3.  Cut three slices halfway through each log. Gently bend into a crescent so the sections open up a bit into the shape of a bear paw.
4.  Place on a greased cookie sheet and let dry 12 hours (longer in humid conditions).
5.  Bake at 275 F at the bottom of the oven about 12-15 minutes.
6.  Like springerle, they will be white on top and very lightly browned on the bottom; soft on the inside and slightly crisp outside.

The picture shows cinnamon springerle chrabeli that have been glazed with vanilla icing.


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