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October Mold of the Month: Children Walking with Lanterns (Laternelaufen)

Posted by Heather Wright on

A German tradition for St. Martin's day (around November 11) children walk in procession, lighting the night with colorful home-made lanterns (laternelaufen). Once the parade (laternenumzug) is over, children visit house to house for treats, similar to the U.S. custom of Halloween.

St. Martin's Day (Martinstag) is a Catholic holiday and it celebrates modesty and altruism. It is named after a Roman soldier, later known as Martin of Tours. The legend states that he saved a homeless person from freezing to death by giving him half of his cloak during a snowstorm. It is very popular among children and often celebrated with a small lantern parade. The children walk with their lanterns and sing songs along the way.

In our Laternelaufen mold, each child in the procession holds a different shaped lantern on a pole. The children are wearing traditional German costumes. Traditionally, children walking with lanterns for Laternelaufen are symbolic of "bringing light into the world".  

Click here to view the mold.

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  • It’s a wonderful holiday!
    Ich geh’ mit meiner Laterne,
    Und meine Laterne mit mir! ….

    Gretchen LaTurner on

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