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Springerle Classes

We enjoy sharing our love of springerle through classes and demonstrations.  As "Springerle Evangelists" we spread the art of this wonderful cookie to enthusiasts of all experience levels. 

We are currently BUILDING A CONTACT LIST for those interested in a 3-hour Intro to Springerle Cookie Baking class to be offered in the Fall of 2019. Maximum 8 students (4:1 student to teacher ratio) to allow individual attention and a full, hands-on experience for all participants. You'll learn all the necessary skills to make springerle cookies: mixing the dough; rolling and pressing; cutting; and baking. Class will be held in or near the town of Chelmsford, MA. If interested, please email us to be added to the list.

Our newest Ornament Class is dedicated to teaching the art of using springerle molds to create beautiful, hand painted cinnamon scented ornaments.This one is really fun for a small group of friends.

Interested in Paper Casting with Springerle Molds? We have a two hour class to get you started.

Depending on the class type and circumstances, we may be able to hold a customized session at your location.

For all class options, please contact us for details and pricing at