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Cow with Bell in Oval Springerle Cookie Mold

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Description: Frederika the cow enjoys a sunny day in the meadow with grasses and flowers to munch on. She wears a flowered wreath and bell around her neck. This oval shaped mold has a lovely prominent leaf border. The original carving from which this mold is cast dates to 1860.

The artist may have intended to represent a Weissach cow, celebrated every fall when the herds return to the valleys after spending the summer in the Alpine pastures. During the festivities, one cow is chosen as the "Wreath Cow" to wear a flowered decoration on its head and neck. We also have a matching cookie cutter for this mold. 

Size: 4.3" x 3.1" (11 cm x 8 cm) 

Matching Cookie Cutter: Oval Cutter for Cow with Bell

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