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Lily of the Valley & Forget Me Nots 1835 Springerle Cookie Mold by Anis-Paradies

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Description: Lilies of the Valley have for centuries been a symbol of happiness, deep love and the end of all sorrow. The green of the leaves represents hope, the white of the flowers, purity. The sweet-scented flowers bloom in shady valleys in the merry month of May. As a sign of humility and purity we encounter it in the 15th century as a symbolic plant of the Virgin Mary.

A Springerle made with Lilies of the Valley perfectly conveys all kinds of love messages.

This mold is one section of the larger mold Apple Harvest with six pictures (#8899). The original wooden mold comes dates to 1835 and is located in a private collection in southern Germany. 

Size: 1.9" x 2.6" (4.8 x 6.5 cm)