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The Four Seasons Large Springerle Cookie Mold by Anis-Paradies

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Description: The Four Seasons is a wonderfully detailed multi-image mold displaying the essence of nature and the cyclical continuity of life.

The Spring mold depicts the first signs of spring with its bloom and growth. The Summer mold describes the warmth of the season with the frog at the pond with water lilies and the dragonfly next to the reeds. The Autumn mold presents a changing time; harvest is around the corner for the crops. The Winter mold describes the beautiful, quiet winter landscape with the rabbit, bird and snowman watching the game of cat and mouse.

The individual scenes as well as the entire picture are framed with a classic border of leaves. Around the edge of the are four seasonal flowers and fruits: gentian, rose hip, pear, and acorn. At the heart of the mold is a filigree ornament with the four seasons: lilies of the valley, edelweiss, grapes, and pine cones.

The original mold was created in 1992, drawn and carved by wood sculptor Hans Neff of Urnäsch, Switzerland. The seasons may also be purchased separately (Mold numbers 7120, 7121, 7122 and 7123.)

Size: 25.3 x 20.9 cm (10" x 8.2")