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Monogram: One Letter (All Letters of the Alphabet Available) Springerle Cookie Mold

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Description: So beautiful for a wedding, bridal shower, or anniversary! All letters of the alphabet (A through Z) are available. Can be used with springerle recipes; molding chocolate on shortbread (as shown in the photo); paper casts; cake fondant; and more! Vary the size of your finished treats by including or cutting out the ornate border. Please email to request a letter.

We also offer a fluted square cookie cutter for this mold.

Size:  3.375" x 3.375"

House on the Hill Springerle Mold Care: To clean your molds, gently wash with a drop of dish soap and water. A soft toothbrush works well to get in any small grooves. Rinse completely. Gently remove as much water as possible with a soft dish towel and dry carving side down on a clean dry towel or cooling rack to allow air flow. Dry completely before storing. Never leave your molds to soak in water or put them in a dishwasher. 

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Demonstration: House on the Hill Video Demo