Ornaments, Art, and Gifts

We often hear the wonderful compliment about springerle: "Too beautiful to eat!". Some of your favorite springerle mold designs are now captured forever in non-edible mediums!

All of our pieces are one of a kind, hand crafted items; as such even items that are cast using the same mold will be slightly unique.

Our cinnamon scented ornaments are individually crafted and hand painted by us in New Hampshire.

Our line of ceramic earthenware ornaments and pins are made by an artist in Massachusetts using springerle molds. Hang these beauties on the Christmas tree; or make a fashion statement with our one-of-a-kind pins. These pieces make wonderful gifts. Each piece is individually molded, hand painted, and kiln fired. 

All paper cast art is our own; hand crafted in New Hampshire using acid free cotton linter.