Complete Set: 12 Days of Christmas Springerle Cookie Molds & Matching Cutter

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Description: House on the Hill presents the complete set of 12 molds celebrating the days between the birth of Jesus to the Epiphany, Each mold features one of the characters in the "Twelve Days of Christmas" carol: Drummers Drumming, Pipers Piping, Lords a Leaping, Ladies Dancing, Maids a Milking, Swans a Swimming, Geese a Laying, Golden Rings, Calling Birds, French Hen, and of course, the Partridge in a Pear Tree. Each mold has an arched top, reminiscent of a church window. A custom made matching copper cookie cutter is included with the purchase of this set.

The 12 molds are also sold individually, if you prefer to collect them over time. 

Size: Each mold is 2.25" x 3.375"

Matching Cookie Cutter: A matching cookie cutter is included with the purchase of this set. If you also need extras, they are available here: Arch for 12 Days

Demonstration: House on the Hill Video Demo