Hornbook with Angel Springerle Cookie Mold

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Description: A child's educational tool dating back to medieval times, Hornbooks included a lesson sheet mounted on wood and protected by a thin sheet of translucent horn. The paddle often had a handle with a hole for a cord or ribbon suspended from the child's girdle at their waist. Our hornbook by House on the Hill is a faithful reproduction of the original antique carved wood mold, and features an angel at the top.

Fun Fact: All 26 letters that we are familiar with today not present in this mold because: 

  • J and U were not in common use until the 1600s'
  • Prior to 1700 "W" was written as "UU"
  • X was introduced in the late 15th century
  • Y was not common to English until around the 14th or 15th century.
Size: 2.875" x 3.875"
Cookie Cutter: New for 2024! Hornbook


















































We also offer a fluted square cookie cutter for this mold.
































































Size: 3.375" x 3.375"
































































House on the Hill Springerle Mold Care: To clean your molds, gently wash with a drop of dish soap and water. A soft toothbrush works well to get in any small grooves. Rinse completely. Gently remove as much water as possible with a soft dish towel and dry carving side down on a clean dry towel or cooling rack to allow air flow. Dry completely before storing. Never leave your molds to soak in water or put them in a dishwasher. 
































































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Demonstration: House on the Hill Video Demo