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Covered Bridge Springerle Cookie Mold (Limited Availability)

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Description: We are proud to offer this Limited Release Springerle Emporium exclusive mold design. "Kissing Bridge". Covered bridges were also referred to as "Kissing Bridges" as a young couple could steal a kiss under the privacy of the bridge as they passed through. Beautiful and functional, at one time there were as many as 13,400 covered bridges across the US and Canada. Today an estimated 1050 remain. Pennsylvania had one of  the largest concentrations with 219, about 150 of which are still in use today.

This mold is laser carved from solid 1" thick maple. Limited quantities are available. Shipping to U.S. addresses is complimentary with the purchase of this mold.

Size: 4" x 2.5" (10.2 x 6.1 cm)