New for 2024! Renaissance Floral Tapestry (Rectangle) Springerle Cookie Mold

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Description: NEW FOR 2024! House on the Hill's newest 2024 releases include a pair of Renaissance era carvings. This is the larger of the two new molds, Renaissance Floral Tapestry. This rectangle shaped mold features a beautifully detailed center blossom, flanked by leaves and smaller flowers at the top and bottom. It is finished with an ornate leaf border. Please note that the cutters are sold separately (see below).

Its sister mold is the Renaissance Rosette.

Cookie Cutters: Sold separately so you can choose your favorites! Get creative with our add-on cutters to create cookies of varied shapes and sizes. FOUR choices available:

Size: 7.125" x 3"


























































We also offer a fluted square cookie cutter for this mold.
































































Size: 3.375" x 3.375"
































































House on the Hill Springerle Mold Care: To clean your molds, gently wash with a drop of dish soap and water. A soft toothbrush works well to get in any small grooves. Rinse completely. Gently remove as much water as possible with a soft dish towel and dry carving side down on a clean dry towel or cooling rack to allow air flow. Dry completely before storing. Never leave your molds to soak in water or put them in a dishwasher. 
































































Discover how easy it is to roll consistently thick springerle dough with our Dough Thickness Guides. 
































































Demonstration: House on the Hill Video Demo