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Three Rabbits (Paderborn Hares) Cookie Mold by Anis-Paradies

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Description: This design is a combination of ancient pre-Christian and Christian symbolism. In the High Middle Ages the three hares also symbolized the unity of the Trinity. Many renditions of the three hares can be found in Germany and Switzerland.

A prominent example is the "Three Hares Window" in the Paderborn Cathedral. Three Hares themes can also be seen in the Cathedral of Münster under the vault of the St. John´s Choir (1250) in Germany, the monastery Hardehausen in Eggegebirge (Germany), on the Riehen estate between Basel and Loerrach (Switzerland), and in the monastery of St. Catherine in Sinai, Egypt.

The three hares are combined so skillfully that although every hare has two ears, the entire motif has only three ears. This puzzle can also be found in the German folk tune: "The hare and the ear [there are three], and yet each hare has two [ears]".

This theme was featured in many historical pastry molds. Our mold with the three hares was carved in 2007 by Guido Neff using an older mold as the template. The original wooden mold is in a Swiss private collection.

Size: 3.5" (9.0 cm) 

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