LAST CHANCE SALE: Grapes to Glass (The Seasons of Wine) Springerle Cookie Mold and Cake Topper

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**LAST CHANCE SALE: This mold has been retired as of 2024. We have 1 left.**

Description: This extraordinary mold depicts the journey from grapevine to glass across the four seasons of the year. In Summer, the vines are tended. Autumn shows a woman harvesting the ripe grapes. For Winter, a man prunes the vines. Finally, for Spring the reward of tasting!  Each image is wonderfully detailed and is flanked by with full bunches of grapes and leaves.

When not in use, this mold is lovely hanging on display.

A successful grape harvest is the joy of every winemaker (and wine lover!) After much nurturing and caring, the grapes are harvested. An ancient symbol of fertility, the fruit evokes thoughts of joy and renewal. The wine is the essence of the grape and is considered the juice of life. It also stands for vitality, revelation and truth: "In vino veritas." 

Size: 11.25" diameter