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Cookie Cutter: Fluted Round #2

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One of our most versatile sized fluted edge round cookie cutters, this fits many of our molds, such as:
  • Acorns and Oak Leaves 2977 by Anis-Paradies
  • Angel with Harp by Art Und Delikat
  • Angel with Trumpet by Art Und Delikat 
  • Carnation by Anis-Paradies 
  • Celtic Tree of Life by Art Und Delikat 
  • Christmas Flower (Poinsettia) 1208 by Anis-Paradies
  • Christmas Ornament 1004 by Anis-Paradies 
  • Christmas Tree with Candles by Art und Delikat 
  • Cinderella Pumpkin by Art und Delikat 
  • Clarion by Anis-Paradies 
  • Dove with Letter by Anis-Paradies 
  • Forget Me Nots by Anis-Paradies 
  • Holly 2213 by Anis-Paradies 
  • Llama by Art und Delikat 
  • Lucky Clover by Art und Delikat 
  • Lucky Pig by Art und Delikat 
  • Maple Leaf by Anis-Paradies 
  • Owl with Young by Anis-Paradies 
  • Snowdrops by Anis-Pardies
  • Snowflake, Finely Carved by Anis-Paradies
  • Star Wheel with Serrated Border by Anis-Paradies
  • St. Hubert's Deer (Stag) by Art und Delikat 
  • Tulips and Lily of the Valley 2201
  • Unicorn by Art und Delikat 
  • Wooly Lamb by Art und Delikat
  • and many more. Please email us if you need to know which size cutter fits a particular mold.
Please note that this item includes the cookie cutter only. All molds are sold separately.
  • Designed and made in the U.S.A. 
  • Available exclusively from Springerle Emporium.
  • Made from food safe PLA plastic.
  • Hand wash only in warm soapy water.