New for 2024! Baby in Elaborate Cradle 3-D Mold

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Description: New for 2024! Originally carved for tragacanth or marzipan, this mold also makes stunning sculptures from modeling chocolate (shown here assembled with melted chocolate) and lovely paper casts (shown here assembled with craft glue).

The cradle has different designs on the head, foot, and sides. The foot of the cradle features an angel's face and wings. The sides each have a tulip and scrollwork. The bottom of the cradle (visible when the baby is removed) has a large sunflower. The baby is happily swaddled in a patterned blanket.

Size: 8.75" x 3.125"

Cutter: A cutter set for this mold is our current work in progress! With the paper casts, we used scissors once the cast was dry. For the modeling chocolate, we trimmed it with a sharp paring knife. Next up we'll try tragacanth and provide an update on the results here! If you're interested in a cutter set please drop us a note at

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