New for 2024! Baby in Elaborate Cradle 3-D Mold

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Description: New for 2024! The cradle has different designs on the head, foot, and sides. The foot of the cradle features an angel's face and wings. The sides each have a tulip and scrollwork. The bottom of the cradle (visible when the baby is removed) has a large sunflower. The baby is happily swaddled in a patterned blanket. Originally carved for tragacanth or marzipan, with this mold you can also make:

  • Stunning edible sculptures from modeling chocolate/chocolate clay (shown here assembled with melted chocolate) OR Fondant (we allowed the fondant to dry for stability before assembling with royal icing)
  • Lovely paper casts (shown here assembled with craft glue)
  • Paintable air dried clay models (shown here assembled with e6000 glue).

Size: 8.75" x 3.125"

Cutter: With the paper casts, we used scissors to trim the edges once the casts were dry. For the modeling chocolate and air dry clay, we cut out the pieces with a small paring knife. 

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